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What's the reason that Franck Muller watch doesn't go?

作者:法穆兰维修服务中心   日期:2021.01.22

What's the reason that Franck Muller watch doesn't go?When many friends wear the Franck Muller mechanical watch for a long time, they may find that they will not leave without the watch for two days. Everyone's first reaction is: the Franck Muller watch is broken, the quality is really poor! In fact, there is a reason why the mechanical watch of Franck Muller doesn't go. Only by finding the reason can we solve this problem!

There are many reasons why Franck Muller's mechanical watch doesn't go, except for bumping, movement gear dislocation, watch magnetization, long shelf time, grease dry and other faults. The most common is that the power of the Franck Muller watch is insufficient, resulting in the failure of the mechanical watch.


Franck Muller mechanical watch is divided into manual mechanical watch and automatic mechanical watch. They all need winding to provide operation power. It's just that there's a part inside the automatic mechanical watch called the automatic Tuo. When the autopilot turns in any direction, it can wind up and power the Franck Muller watch. So mechanical watches are not powered by batteries like quartz watches. Many friends who don't know much about Franck Muller watch make such jokes when they buy mechanical watch.

When Franck Muller's mechanical watch stops suddenly, he gives priority to whether it is caused by lack of power. Franck Muller's hand chained watch should be wound at the same time every day as far as possible, so that the watch can operate with enough energy in the next 24 hours. The Franck Muller automatic mechanical watch can wind automatically, and should be worn on the hand for more than 8 hours every day to make up for the amount of wind. However, this is not absolute. For example, if you don't wear it for a long time, or if you don't exercise enough after wearing it, the watch will not go or stop. In this case, you can also manually wind up the Franck Muller automatic mechanical table in the same way as the manual mechanical table.

If it's due to lack of power and the Franck Muller watch doesn't go, the above method can be used to solve the problem. If the above methods are invalid, it is likely that the Franck Muller mechanical meter is faulty and needs to be sent to Beijing Franck Muller maintenance service center for repair. Remember not to disassemble the Franck Muller mechanical watch by yourself, so as not to damage the movement parts of Franck Muller!

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